Counseling Services

Nutrition and Mental Health Counseling Services at Ascend Home Health

Having a healthy mind, body and spirit are crucial components of aging gracefully. At Ascend Home Health, our mission is to enhance people’s lives through state-of-the-art health and wellness programs. That’s why we offer premium nutrition and mental health counseling services to patients in the comfort of their own homes, and to those residing in assisted living communities, group homes, and retirement and other care communities.

Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition and a balanced diet are keys to health at any age. As we get older, daily food choices become even more critical in maintaining overall health. A healthy diet provides nutrients to nourish our muscles, bones and organs to keep them working properly and in pristine condition. Making good daily food choices can enhance a patient’s current state of well-being, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and help to maintain a healthy weight.

Our expert staff of licensed professionals works with patients to become familiar with their individualized nutrition plans provided by physicians. Navigating food labels and understanding the basics behind making the right food choices can be difficult, which is why we offer practical advice on ways to follow your prescribed dietary plan.

Mental Health Counseling

Witnessing a family member experiencing an illness or disability can be a traumatic experience. By assessing the short-term needs of the situation, our licensed medical social workers help patients and their families’ sort through the stress and difficulties of illness and disability. Ascend Home Health counselors deliver quality care in a compassionate, understanding and supportive environment – paving the way to an emotionally healthy future for the patient.

Ascend Home Health is happy to guide you in the right direction for both your physical and mental health. For more information about our nutrition and mental health counseling services, please contact us at 888.666.1117, email or by filling out our convenient online form.